Nice Weather? Let’s Garden!

During this nice weather, we have a great opportunity to go outside and do the activities we love doing. Allied Physio has a suggestion….. Let’s work on that Garden! 

“But I always end up with a sore back after I spend all day working on the yard”
Not anymore! We have all the tips you will need to ensure that you come out of your day of Gardening feeling great!

1. Lifting Heavy Objects

While lifting heavy objects be sure to bend at the knees, and engage your core.  This will help stabilize your body, as well as decrease strain on your back. Be sure not to lift and rotate your body at the same time.

Nice Weather? Let’s Garden! | Nordel Surrey Physiotherapy Clinic

2. Carrying Large Or Heavy Objects

Remember when carrying heavy objects it is important to keep them close to your body.

3. Using Gardening Tools

For those that find themselves doing lawn & garden care with tools, such as a rake or hedge clippers, we recommend avoiding overreaching to limit back strain. Keep your tools close to you as possible to avoid the stress on your back.

4. Kneeling By The Garden

Be sure to position your body and tools next to your work area so that you can maintain a safe posture for gardening. Try not to hunch over the garden, keep your shoulders back and spine straight. Try kneeling on one knee to relieve the pressure on your lower spine.

5. Mowing The Lawn

While mowing the lawn it is important to maintain a good posture so as not to irritate the neck or back.  Avoid low bent over postures. Remember to take frequent breaks!

Nice Weather? Let’s Garden! | Nordel Surrey Physiotherapy Clinic