Common Myths About Physiotherapy

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If pain relief, return to exercise or upping your sporting preparation is on your list, remember how physiotherapy can help. Here are some common myths busted…

Does Physiotherapy Just Mean Exercise?
No, treatment includes exercises of various types to promote flexibility and strength. But it also includes hands on treatment to promote healing and education on necessary or helpful lifestyle modifications.

Is Physiotherapy Painful?
When we assess your injury, it is common to feel some discomfort as we test injured areas. You may also be slightly sore after testing. Remember, the body does best when movements are challenging but not painful. We select exercises according to the stage of your injury.

Neck Pain Myths | Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Doesn’t Physiotherapy Take too Long to Produce Results? Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we individualize each persons program for their needs. However, in common conditions, such as neck or back pain, or joint stiffness, improvement is felt and seen in a few sessions. If you are willing and committed to following your exercise program and treatment plan, you will experience the benefits sooner rather than later!

Can Physiotherapy Fix Everything?
Well, not if a condition needs surgery, or if the damage is irreversible. However, if the symptoms are due to stiffness, weakness or soft tissue tightness, the passive and active movements of physiotherapy can have amazing results on your general well being and mobility!

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Would Your Body Have Healed Itself With Time, Even Without Physiotherapy?
The body heals itself quite marvelously, so some degree of recovery generally occurs. However, when a painful or weakening condition has progressed to involve other joints and muscles, you need help. In such cases, our friendly physiotherapists can play a critical role in restoring function and movement.

“But it’s Just Massage!”
Well, not exactly – massage by an experienced physiotherapist helps painful and tight muscles or spinal/joints. However, they also use a spectrum of treatments like heat or cold, ultrasound, laser as well as joint mobilization, range-of-movement exercises, specialized sports injury rehab or post-surgical rehab programs to get you feeling healthy again.

Shoulder and Neck Pain Myths | Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Is it Just For Sports People?
Physiotherapy can help people of all ages who find movement painful or difficult, or would like to increase there functional ability. There’s no reason why you need to live with chronic pain. Why not call or visit our caring physiotherapists at our nearby clinic, for a full assessment and a personalized treatment and care program? It could change your life!

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